HD Download Information

HD Downloads are a great option - they have much better image quality than DVD, plus you can play them on your tablet, smartphone, computer, Apple TV, and many other devices! Here are some important things to know about our download products:

- We upload videos as quickly we can, but we are at the mercy of the internet providers - your download link will be to a PDF file until the video is ready. As soon as it is uploaded, you will automatically receive a new link via email. If we have a good connection on site, this can be as soon as an hour after a choir performance, if we don't then the individual choirs will be online within a day or two. Showcases take a little bit longer, up to three days, but most often only a day or two.

- You have three (3) chances to download your video. If your download fails, please send us an email to request a re-activation. Please understand that this file is for your personal use, and not for distribution. We want to be able to afford to keep making great videos of show choirs for years to come!

- Please be sure to save your video file to your computer! We can't keep the video on our server indefinitely, so you need to save a copy to make sure you can watch it whenever you would like. To view your video, we recommend Quicktime.

- We recommend downloading videos with a computer, not iOS/Android/Blackberry, etc. portable devices, as this will use up your download chances very quickly. If you would like to view a video on one of these devices, you may of course transfer it to the device from your computer.

- If you're having trouble downloading your video to your computer via Internet Explorer, try opening the link in another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email. We will do our very best to answer your question in a timely manner, and we welcome suggestions for ways to make our services better. Thank you!